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Hidden treasures are now within your reach with Minelab's new user-friendly detector- Safari!

Powered by Minelab's FBS multiple frequency technology, The Minelab Safari Metal Detector combines deep, sensitive and accurate detecting for anyone demanding both simplicity AND performance!

Ready for parks, beaches or the battlefields. Only Minelab's FBS technology will provide outstanding performance even on saltwater beaches! The Minelab Safari Metal Detector's digital target ID is ready to deliver deep, accurate information on the targets you're looking for!

Minelab Safari Metal Detector Features:

The Minelab Safari has an Ultra-lightweight 11" Double D coil combines high performance, great depth and sharp pinpointing.
The Minelab Safari Metal Detector has four pre-programmed Detection Modes-Coin; Coin/Jewelry; Relic and All Metal.
The Minelab Safari Metal Detector has Four Programmable user modes.
The Minelab Safari Metal Detector has linear -10 to +40 discrimination scale. Accept/Reject functionality.
The Minelab Safari Metal Detector has Fully Automatic and manual sensitivity control options.
The Minelab Safari can pinpoint with audio and visual indicators for accurate detection.
Set the Minelab Safari Trash Density to High to ensures fewer false signals experienced in typical coin and relic environments, Low is ideal for clean sites.
The Minelab Safari has Noise Cancel to automatically selects the quietest, most stable channel for detecting.
The Minelab Safari Metal Detector has continuous depth gauge updating.
Minelab Safari's Menu Interface-Intuitive menu structure for fast and easy access and adjustment. Clear view target depth gauge; Target ID number; Target Icon (in Coin and Coin/Jewelry Modes) Mode indicators and Graphic Identification Bar showing active discrimination pattern.
The Minelab Safari Metal Detector is robust, well balanced design for comfortable detecting over longer periods.
The Minelab Safari's Full Band Spectrum (FBS) circuit automatically transmits multiple frequencies simultaneously. This increased frequency range means that the signal received from the detector coil is analyzed from a wide range of responses. This information is relayed to the operator via the speaker or headphones and the control panel¿s liquid crystal display as an audio or visual target response.

Put simply, Minelab's unique FBS technology means deep, sensitive, accurate detecting

Operating Frequencies

A metal detector¿s electromagnetic operating frequencies are measured in kilohertz (kHz). Low signal frequencies (e.g. 1.5 kHz) penetrate deepest, but sensitivity to smaller targets is low. On the other hand, higher frequencies have a more shallow depth of penetration but high sensitivity to small targets. The Minelab Safari Metal Detector's multiple-frequency operation provides the advantage of both.
Minelab SAFARI
Minelab Safari Metal Detector
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