Fisher Metal Detectors

Fisher F70-11DD Metal Detector

This Fisher F70 Come With The Hot 11" DD Coil
The double-filter discrimination mode of the Fisher F70 makes this metal detector worth its weight in gold. It distinguishes between unwanted metal objects, like aluminum and nails, from the more desirable metals. Plus, a two-digit setting number displayed on the LCD monitor of the Fisher F70 Metal Detector, indicates the type of ground mineralization from wet salt to magnetite and other black iron minerals.

2 programmable settings for easy access to your most-used conditions. Automatically saves your settings; when you turn it back on, get started without adjusting all over again
Quick response: sweep your search coil quickly without losing targets
Light weight; best balance in the industry; adjustable arm rest
Superb sensitivity; detect US coins down to 14 inches & large objects down to several feet
Ground balance range goes all the way to salt
Can share search coils with the F75

Fisher F70 Metal Detector Features:

Identify your target
8-segment visual target ID lets you differentiate trash from treasure
4-tone audio ID with versatile tuning lets you "hear" different target metals
2-digit numeric target ID with a 0-99 range displays probable metal type in discrimination AND auto-tune modes

Advanced visual display
Easy-to-read LCD screen; view the entire menu on one screen
Large 2-digit readout shows target ID in motion mode & depth in pinpoint mode
Target categories with indicators show what you discriminated out
Target confidence meter shows likelihood of correct target ID
Dirt bar graph displays amount of soil mineralization
Ground phase number displays type of soil mineralization
Battery life indicator

One-touch high-resolution automatic or manual ground balance matches your detector to soil conditions for easier hunting
Discrimination with notch control ignores selected trash target categories, like foil or pull tabs
Pinpoint with numeric depth tells you where the target is & how deep to dig
Sensitivity controls adjust for soil mineralization & electronic interference
Threshold tunes out chatter & background noise from mineralized soils & fine-tunes sensitivity
Frequency shift cancels out electrical interference & crosstalk
All-metal auto-tune gives you automatic ground-balance & maximum depth in good conditions
2 speed adjustments let you choose between great separation & extra sensitivity / depth
Adjustable audio tones tailor audio ID to your treasure hunting style
Fisher F70-11DD Metal Detector
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