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Teknetics was founded in 1983 and became part of the First Texas Products family of metal detectors in 1989. The Teknetics brand has always been known for the hottest performance of the era; never ones to rest, our engineers set out to redefine the industry performance standard in the early 2000's. The result of that effort was the acclaimed T2, followed on by the complete new line of Teknetics detectors.Our engineers started with a clean slate to redefine state-of-the-art. Our modern user interfaces are easier to learn to use properly than any other high performance detectors on the market. Easier to learn means faster to master and more performance in your hands, in the field, in less time than imagined possible

Teknetics EurotekPro Metal Detector

- FeTone, Adjustable Iron Audio Adjust the audio volume of iron targets independent from non-ferrous targets
- V-Break, Variable Breakpoint Industrys first variable breakpoint tone discrimination system
- Variable Iron Discrimination This is a digital feature allowing full range adjustment of discrimination, 0-39
- Superior Iron Separation Fast Recovery Speed Very affective at separating ferrous targets from non-ferrous targets in close proximity to each other
- Iron Identifier LED An on-screen LED that lights up when iron is detected, regardless of discrimination setting
- Adjustable volume (1 20)
- 5-Segment Depth Indicator
- 3-Tone Audio ID
- Large 2-digit numeric Target-ID numbers from 1-99
- Ferrous ID (1 39)
- Non-Ferrous ID (40 99)
- Depth Indicator
- Multi-Tone Audio Target-ID
- Motion Discrimination Mode
- Discrimination Adjustment (1 79)
- Adjustable Sensitivity (1 10)
- (6.3 mm) headphone jack
- Large Target Overload Warning
- Save Settings as Default
- Battery Power Indicator
- 8" (20 cm) Concentric waterproof searchcoil
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